March 1, 2016


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Personal style crisis

I don't know who I am anymore. BOOM. WTF? Let's calm down, it's just clothes.

Since the age of 11, my style has changed quite dramatically every couple of years. As a teenager, I went through many awkward phases. We all do, I know. I went from "skater girl" to "preppy" to "bohemian" to I don't even know — that style a few years back, with the girly waisted dresses and colored tights and berets and bright cardigans... remember that one? to "thrift store enthusiast", to "I'm not buying any more f&*%ing clothes".

These days I find myself wearing the same items over and over again. But I rarely feel pretty. Lots of clothes hang in my closet, untouched. Since gaining back most of the weight I lost, everything feels wrong after knowing what the skinnier version of me looks like in them. But it's bigger than that. When I look in the closet, I just think I should sell all of it. The idea of getting rid of everything is so appealing. I'd love to start over. 

Many things I own remind me of my old self. And I think that I want to let go of that person. I'm different and going in another direction, and I look into the closet and see the old me there. I'm still utterly lost, and not in any place to pretend I know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to wardrobe detoxing, but here are some of the questions I've been asking myself, and some of the things I've been doing to try to conquer this wardrobe crisis.

what items do I love/hate? why?

I actually had to search the internet a bit to find some clues on how to understand my personal style. We all have one, whether we think about it a great deal or not. The first piece of advice someone gave was to look through your closet and pick out your favorite and least favorite items. Why are they your favorite? What do you like about them? What ties them all together? Why do you dislike the other items? Think about style, color, fit...

Taking pictures of the outfits I like

The times I use Photo Booth on my computer are often to snap a quick picture of whatever I'm wearing if I like it as a whole and it makes me feel good. Then I can go back to see what I like, remind myself of items that go well for future reference and start compiling some go-to outfits. 

Taking into account age/occupation/lifestyle

We all know Kayla Itsines by now, right? She is always in sportswear. She once posted a picture of herself in a dress, saying she had rented the dress because she had no use for it other than for that one wedding she wore it to! It would be silly for her to buy ten dresses if her lifestyle doesn't demand her to wear that kind of clothing. What do you do? I myself have a mix of dresses, skirts and jeans. I like to wear short sleeve dresses when I do gigs, I only like heels for going out at night, and on a normal day, I like comfortable clothing. I don't need very fancy clothes 99% of the time. I like to wear things that I don't mind getting dirty.

I've started trying to sell my clothes online. So far I've sold two dresses, but ideally I'll be rid of most of my things fairly soon. I have stopped buying new clothes because not only is my wardrobe full but I don't see the point as my style might change again. Do you guys have any experience with a style crisis? 

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