March 16, 2016


Profiterole Cherie 1

Doesn't that look heavenly? Profitérole Chérie is a relatively new pastry shop in Paris, opened only in 2014. It is not just a buy-it-to-go shop. You can sit down and eat your profitérole right there in their beautiful back-room. They offer a simple menu to choose from, and even though it was relatively easy for me to choose (my obsession with vanilla continues) my friends had a hard time choosing between mont blanc (chestnut cream), citron meringué (lemon), and paris-brest (praline and hazelnut)... 

Profiterole Cherie 2 Profiterole Cherie 3

Like Popelini (which is literally right down the street) and L'Eclair de génie, it's one of the first times that a shop has focused solely on one type of pastry. I think their concept is so interesting and the result is delicious. If you're visiting Paris, there is a big change you will find yourself wandering around the Marais. There are many, many pastry places to choose from but if you're up near Temple or Filles du Calvaire or one the closest métros, why not stop here for an afternoon dessert? You could even have lunch down the street, in the Marché des Enfants Rouges. 

Profiterole Cherie 4

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