March 4, 2016


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I used to eat a lot of yogurt for breakfast... These days, since I haven't had a real job in ages, I just go to the gym in the mornings. It's my one routine, and I've been loving that part of each day (other than that, I am completely lost). It also means that for breakfast I don't have anything heavy most of the time. Today I had a bowl of oats with nuts, dried berries and maple syrup but other days I have a latte and then munch on an energy bar on the way to the gym. That's it really.

I've been loving these ones: 

breakfast 2 Valentina D Lunch Valentina D 3

I've also been making smoothies for my housemates and myself a lot. I'll make little protein smoothies in the afternoon and sometimes big fruity vanilla protein smoothies in the morning. It's nice to live by the Belleville market. We usually stock up on apples, bananas and whatever is in season... Lately we've been having a lot of sweet potato fries, sautéed fennel with mustard, fresh persimmon, and always carrots, cucumbers and zucchinis with hummus. Perfect snack, you know? But breakfast hasn't been too interesting these days, nah ;)

Breakfast 3 Valentina D

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Miranda said...

I love making smoothies for my husband and he loves me more everyday !

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