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March 17, 2016


bastille outfit valentina bastille outfit valentina 2
necklace c/o Junam • dress: vintage • shoes: Minelli • bag c/o Lodinatt

Guys, guys, guys... spring is here... I think it is! Last Friday was the first day that I was able to leave the loft without a coat. It was amazing. After going to the gym in the morning, I cycled home and decided to keep going. I left my sports bag, grabbed only my velib' card, some money, my keys and my phone and headed out on another cycling adventure. I went all the way up to the 18th, checked out some streets and places I had never seen before, then cycled down to the Marais. I got off to check out the dresses in BHV since I'm on the lookout for a bridesmaid dress for my mom's wedding this summer. I found nothing but I still have time. 

The Marais is such a popular place. The streets were packed! Around 5:30pm I was (finally) getting tired so I decided to pick up a falafel wrap at L'As du Falafel for dinner in the evening and head back home. I cycled up to Belleville while the sun was going down. It's difficult. I don't have a problem going down to the Marais, or Bastille or even all the way down to St Michel... but going up! Ah, my legs feel the burn once I make it up to Couronnes. It's a two minute walk to my loft from the velib' station, but it always feels like my legs are suddenly so light haha. I can tell you, I devoured that falafel wrap... ah man! One of my favorite things! 

Today was beautiful too. I had to run an errand at 8am and I was afraid it might still be too cold to go out without a coat that early but it was just a lovely chill that reminded me of walking to classes at Smith in the early days of spring. I miss Smith and Northampton so much these days. I would love to visit. I would love to go back to all those wonderful shops and restaurants I loved so much! I would get the pad thai at Thai Garden – with extra peanut sauce! and the salmon caesar salad at Paul & Elizabeth's which has polenta croutons (the only kind of crouton I shall eat!), and then I'd go to Viva Pasta and have the sweet potato ravioli with maple-walnut sauce (Oh my god), and I'd somehow fit in ice-cream at Herrell's, GoBerry froyo, sushi at Zen, and breakfast at the Green Bean. Of course let's not forget coffee and pastries at Haymarket, as well as the kalhua chocolate fallen soufflĂ© cake at the Roost. Seriously, I could go on and on... You would think I would forget Northampton living in Paris and all. 


Hey, spring weather. I love you. 

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Darlene Lee said...

I LOVE this outfit! It’s perfectly in so many ways.
Darlene | http://www.somoda.no

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