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May 3, 2016

Two lunch spots in the Marais

breizh cafe 1 breizh cafe 2

Breizh Cafe

If it's 3pm and you're starving and you feel like eating crêpes for lunch, head to Breizh café. For normal hours, I recommend reserving a table! I like to go for a classic, like fromage, or saumon-crème fraîche but everything is delicious. Definitely leave room for dessert, as the apple, caramel & ice-cream crêpe is one of the most amazing things to exist. 

le pain quotidien 1 le pain quotidien 2

Le Pain Quotidien

I've yet to be disappointed by Le Pain Quotidien. I know, a chain of restaurants. What can I say? I love their menu, their ingredients, their healthy choices, and their not-so-healthy but incredible Brunette praline nut butter. This is one of the only times I allow myself to eat loads of bread! woohooo! There are quite a few around Paris, and seeing as they are open all day, it's a good place to eat if you're starving and every other place is closed. 

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Jenny said...

Beautiful photos and the food looks so delicious and most importantly healthy! :) x

Jenny | Krystel Couture

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