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May 28, 2016

Review: La Reine de Saba

Reine Saba Paris 1

A few months ago, I took my housemates out for lunch to La Reine de Saba. I had been there once before with my friend Ari. On a sunny day last summer, we went exploring Belleville (some pictures here) and once it was time for lunch, Ari said, "How about ethiopian?" I had tried many cuisines but never ethiopian... And now I'm hooked! (unfortunately "hooked" in my world means I think about certain foods a lot, plan on going again sometime in the near future, but on a daily basis decide not to, either to try being healthy or to try saving money) 

Reine Saba Paris 2 Reine Saba Paris 3 Reine Saba Paris 4

Peter and Ruth and I enjoyed our lunch there too. I am obsessed with the Azifa starter. It's delicious. We weren't even able to finish our enormous plate, and that's saying something seeing as Peter is over six feet tall and eats four times as much as I do. If you're walking around Belleville or want a romantic date night, consider going to La Reine de Saba! It's lovely.

Reine Saba Paris 5

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