June 29, 2016


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I haven't been blogging much. But I've definitely been on instagram. I can't remember the last day I didn't spend some time on instagram... it's an obsession. It probably helps that I have three accounts. Yep, yep. Three accounts. One is my personal account (vduracinsky) one is focused on everything food related (paris_pescatarian) and one is focused on my art and other things that don't quite fit in the other two accounts (valentina.art.paris).

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I also follow very different people on each account... My closest friends on my personal account, and then food & fitness people on Paris Pescatarian, and then artists and "everyone else" on the third account. I really like it, even though the new-ish Instagram algorithm is crap.

Some people I enjoy following:

Pasteleria Fit (healthy food by two of my family members and myself)
Smith College (I miss it so muuuuch)
Katie Sanderson (amazing lady I worked with in Dublin. FOOD. The best.)
Guts Magazine (Dublin based print magazine of confessional writing)
Dara Munnis (best photographer)
Kayla Itsines (pretend you don't know... haha)
Chiara Ferragni (one of the only 'fashion' people I follow)
Sylvan Esso (musicians)
Damn Fine Print (studio in Dublin)
Chez Mémé Tattoo (parlour in Paris)
Anna Louise (lots of pictures of plants)

Anyone else I should be following?

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