August 27, 2016


New photos. Colombia. Paris. Barcelona
1. this little lady (my cousin's little one)

New photos. Colombia. Paris. Barcelona
2. this delicious granola (even though I love making my own)

New photos. Colombia. Paris. Barcelona
3. finding a great place to eat in Barcelona (Flax & Kale)

New photos. Colombia. Paris. Barcelona
4. figs!

New photos. Colombia. Paris. Barcelona
5. putting my feet in the water when it's really hot outside...

New photos. Colombia. Paris. Barcelona
 6. eating the best food with the best friends

New photos. Colombia. Paris. Barcelona
7. making banana bread (in a cake pan) and then realizing it came out SO WELL!

New photos. Colombia. Paris. Barcelona
8. getting amazing cookbooks in the mail

New photos. Colombia. Paris. Barcelona
9. this guy

New photos. Colombia. Paris. Barcelona

August 19, 2016


Cookie & Kate photo credit

I am so excited. SO EXCITED? I just got a spiralizer. It arrived last week and I plan to use it often. I've wanted one for ages. I waited so long. I'm the kind of person who likes to save her money. I like to know that if I don't have a job, I'll be okay. But really, I save so much that sometimes I live as if I had nothing to spend. And sometimes it's good to wait before you purchase big things, or to say no to things you don't need. I love wanting to be a minimalist (it's still a process). I use to buy clothes all the time. Now I only buy something if I reaaaaally love it or if I need it. And in the kitchen, it's been quite hard being a minimalist. You always want every little thing, every utensil, every knife, every machine. But I've wanted this for over a year and I really don't know why I kept waiting. So finally, I shall have some fun! 

I've already found some really good looking recipes online. Check 'em out!
Do you have a spiralizer? What recipes do you like?

  1. Sweet potato noodles with a creamy cashew sauce. Enough said. I'm making this NOW. Ok, when I'm not at the airport writing this... but as soon as I get home!
  2. what an interesting idea. Potato spiralized into a weird pizza? I shall try it anyway!
  3. yes to this. vegetarian pad thai. There's an amazing thai restaurant down the street from where we live and it's veeeery hard for me to not just get the pad thai. It's my faaaavorite! So if I can make it at home, and make it healthier? I'm into that. Very very much. 
  4. I like the title. Crazy Good Peanut Noodles. How does that NOT make you want to make this? 
  5. green tea and zucchini noodles with honey-ginger sauce. Interested?
  6. I am definitely looking forward to spiralize beets! This salad looks so delicious and fresh. 
  7. interesting... Spiralized apple? Didn't even think about spiralizing things for dessert.
  8. zucchini fettuccine with butternut squash sauce. yep yep.
  9. I hardly buy celeriac but I shall for this raw celeriac salad.
  10. another raw beet salad! This time with walnuts and delicious, magnificent goat's cheese.

And here's an extra one. Cookie + Kate's delicious looking Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadillas. Don't they look absolutely delicious in the picture? 

August 11, 2016


Finca Colombia 2016

Last day in Colombia. My, how time flies. Above is a photo of me and my cuddly Sargento on the hammock at the farm. I didn't get to give him a proper hug goodbye. I'm going to miss him so very much. The other dogs too. I thought I would share some pictures from the many times I went to the farm... 

Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016

This new pup is wonderful. His name is Jerry, they got him for Xmas and I only just met him on this trip. He's a wonderful, fun puppy with sooooo much energy. And he loves getting dirty! He came back from some little adventure the other day and his entire lower body was covered in mud! He likes to wait just like he is there in the picture. He stares at us, whoever is there, and watches where they go, waiting for someone to come out and play with him. He likes treats and was very quick to learn that to get one he needs to sit. There's a video on my instagram where you see him sitting in front of me again and again... He often looks like he's smiling too! I love that. 

Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016

My lovely friend Ruth has been traveling all around South America for the past few months. She came to Cali for a week in between Ecuador and Panama. She also went to Bogotá, MedellĂ­n and Cartagena while in Colombia. When Ruth and I went to the farm last week, we played with the dogs, played ping pong, relaxed a lot, and picked a loooot of oranges and lemons. It feels so nice to go pick fruit, and eat it and know that YOU got it from the tree. That you worked for it. 

As you can see in one of the pictures above, we have a vegetable garden too. I worked hard at that last month and only last week did I see some beautiful cauliflower and broccoli plants growing. The other stuff seems to be taking longer... Hopefully it's still growing! I won't be here to know, but I've asked my cousin to send me pictures. 

Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016

Ruth loved Sargento too... Beautiful woman and beautiful dog!

August 7, 2016


cali Valentina 1

I'm somewhat strange. I'm someone who loves cooking and eating fresh food and making things from scratch and never drinking soda and never buying packaged things... except energy bars. Somehow I still love eating those. It makes no sense. Or does it? It's a balance. Nobody is perfect. Certainly not me. 

cali Valentina 2 cali Valentina 3

If I'm not mistaken, these are no longer being made. I managed to get a box of 15 but on the clif/luna website I don't see them, and almost everywhere I looked I couldn't find them. So I shall happily go through the last 15 I shall probably ever have. All is well. 

cali Valentina 4 cali Valentina 5 cali Valentina 6 cali Valentina 7 cali Valentina 8

Fun fact: I was born in County Yolo in northern California.

cali Valentina 9 cali Valentina 10

I've been experimenting a lot with my mom's blender. She doesn't have the nutribullet, she has the ninja which I have so say is absolutely fantastic as well. These are all pictures from my Paris Pescatarian instagram account. You're welcome to follow! I try to post every day or two and share small delicious things as well as elaborate dishes from time to time.

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