August 11, 2016


Finca Colombia 2016

Last day in Colombia. My, how time flies. Above is a photo of me and my cuddly Sargento on the hammock at the farm. I didn't get to give him a proper hug goodbye. I'm going to miss him so very much. The other dogs too. I thought I would share some pictures from the many times I went to the farm... 

Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016

This new pup is wonderful. His name is Jerry, they got him for Xmas and I only just met him on this trip. He's a wonderful, fun puppy with sooooo much energy. And he loves getting dirty! He came back from some little adventure the other day and his entire lower body was covered in mud! He likes to wait just like he is there in the picture. He stares at us, whoever is there, and watches where they go, waiting for someone to come out and play with him. He likes treats and was very quick to learn that to get one he needs to sit. There's a video on my instagram where you see him sitting in front of me again and again... He often looks like he's smiling too! I love that. 

Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016

My lovely friend Ruth has been traveling all around South America for the past few months. She came to Cali for a week in between Ecuador and Panama. She also went to Bogotá, MedellĂ­n and Cartagena while in Colombia. When Ruth and I went to the farm last week, we played with the dogs, played ping pong, relaxed a lot, and picked a loooot of oranges and lemons. It feels so nice to go pick fruit, and eat it and know that YOU got it from the tree. That you worked for it. 

As you can see in one of the pictures above, we have a vegetable garden too. I worked hard at that last month and only last week did I see some beautiful cauliflower and broccoli plants growing. The other stuff seems to be taking longer... Hopefully it's still growing! I won't be here to know, but I've asked my cousin to send me pictures. 

Finca Colombia 2016 Finca Colombia 2016

Ruth loved Sargento too... Beautiful woman and beautiful dog!

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