August 7, 2016


cali Valentina 1

I'm somewhat strange. I'm someone who loves cooking and eating fresh food and making things from scratch and never drinking soda and never buying packaged things... except energy bars. Somehow I still love eating those. It makes no sense. Or does it? It's a balance. Nobody is perfect. Certainly not me. 

cali Valentina 2 cali Valentina 3

If I'm not mistaken, these are no longer being made. I managed to get a box of 15 but on the clif/luna website I don't see them, and almost everywhere I looked I couldn't find them. So I shall happily go through the last 15 I shall probably ever have. All is well. 

cali Valentina 4 cali Valentina 5 cali Valentina 6 cali Valentina 7 cali Valentina 8

Fun fact: I was born in County Yolo in northern California.

cali Valentina 9 cali Valentina 10

I've been experimenting a lot with my mom's blender. She doesn't have the nutribullet, she has the ninja which I have so say is absolutely fantastic as well. These are all pictures from my Paris Pescatarian instagram account. You're welcome to follow! I try to post every day or two and share small delicious things as well as elaborate dishes from time to time.

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