September 18, 2016


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Some links to articles, videos, pages, photos, etc that have to do with fitness & health. I've been working out a lot lately, focusing a lot of weight lifting. It's difficult, it burns, and I love it. I've been seeing steady improvement and that's super exciting! 

  • amazing transformation pictures! I know how incredibly hard it is to lose weight and get fit so these are super motivating. 
  • The second photo above is a microwaved Quest bar. I freaking love Quest bars and I desperately want the blueberry muffin ones but it's not easy getting them in Paris. I must go to the US...
  • I've started following these two ladies on YouTube: Marissa and Valentina. They are so committed and strong. I love it! Even though I'd probably never enter a bikini competition ha!
  • definitely want to try some of these healthier muffin recipes. I bought some chickpea flour recently and made some great zucchini apple muffins... more experimenting, and then I'll share!
  • the wonderful Laura Miller started a new series called Talking in Circles where she invites people to talk openly about mental health issues. I really liked it!
  • do you have tight hips like me? I always make sure to save these types of posts on Pinterest... now I should probably DO THEM! Oh how I need to. 
  • I've been wanting to try a coffee flavored protein shake for ages. This one looks kind of promising...
  • a belly, butt & thighs workout that doesn't include squats (if you hate those! haha)
  • Follow Misty Copeland on instagram. Iza Goulart also posts great little workout videos on hers. And if you're into Ballet you can follow this lady
  • Foodwise, here are some instagram super stars: Deliciously Ella, I quit Sugar, Nutrition Stripped, The Natural Nutritionist, Eating Bird Food, My New Roots

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