November 19, 2017


matcha Valentina Duracinsky

Have you tried matcha? It's pretty expensive. I wouldn't say "oh my god, you need this in your life". Buuut it's still pretty yum. Last year I went to a matcha themed cafe with my friend Ruth. It's called Umami Matcha Café in the 3rd, one street away from République square. We really enjoyed breakfast there! 

I don't care for the whole "superfood" trend. As in, the five or six crazy expensive ingredients you need in your life because they have all the vitamins and nutrients and will keep you alive forever... no. There are loads of amazing vegetables and fruits and teas that don't cost an arm and a foot. You don't need açai; frozen berries are great. You don't need coconut oil; olive oil will do (italians are still around, right?). You don't need goji berries (although they are quite good) or mangosteen (same) or hemp seeds. You can make easy choices that are healthy without being a millionaire. Banana – remember banana? Just eat one. 

Anyway, I went off on a little rant. Matcha is green tea powder that was harvested in some special way that makes it slightly better than normal green tea... But if you go and get loose leaf green tea, that is ALSO great for you! Matcha tastes nice and gives food a nice color. If you do have it around, or if you want to try it, here are some cool recipes I found online: 
  1. Matcha rolls with sesame seed filling... aaaah
  2. probably cheaper to make your own granola bars...
  3. I would make these matcha green tea shots
  4. Spring matcha soba noodles
  5. matcha pound cake for dessert
  6. mini matcha cakes
  7. for the summer time when you always want ice-cream
  8. matcha white chocolate fondueEnough said.
  9. you love lemon? this marble cake is for you
  10. matcha smoothie bowl

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November 17, 2017


Valentina D outfit Paris 2

I haven't been dressing up at all this year (or last year). It's due to many things: I go to the gym a lot and I really do love wearing comfortable gym clothes (I could wear these all the time), until recently I was working as a pastry chef, so my days were basically 1/2 in my uniform, 1/3 in gym clothes, and then "it's already late afternoon, why bother dirtying nice clothes? loungewear for the win!" and lastly (and hardest to explain) I have put on 5kg since 2013. I know it seems like ages ago, but for years I wanted to go back to being that thin. Wearing clothes that used to be loose and now are tight... it's hard. Even though my mentality has changed, and I actually want to be strong and have muscle, I still put on jeans and think "this is not how they used to fit" and a part of my brain says "FAT!!" and I STILL have to work to quiet down that voice, and remind myself that I am strong, that I love food, and that being skinny was actually pretty miserable. 

Valentina D outfit Paris 1

Slowly I will work on a whole new wardrobe. Some clothes are just not me anymore, and some might never let me forget how it felt to be skinny. I have been obsessed with Naomi's blog Love, Taza recently and she dresses SO well. How does a mother of three kids under 10 years of age dress so well!? I don't shop as much as I did five years ago. But I'm collecting inspiration from Naomi and others whose style I like, and slowly finding key pieces for a wardrobe that I will actually love. The new me. The me I accept. The me that is finally comfortable and confident. It's a lot of pressure to put on clothes. I'll also remind myself that clothes are just clothes ;)

Valentina D outfit Paris 3 Valentina D outfit Paris 4

I say all this to be honest. I've unfollowed accounts that I think are too impersonal, too "perfect", too fake. I like real, I like honest. I love these photos, and this seems like a pretty normal outfit, but I rarely wear dresses these days! It might be silly, but I want to start dressing up a bit more. This isn't my every day. And everyone who you follow on Instagram or Facebook or whatever, they usually show you their life when they are at their best.

If you want to follow some people I admire for staying "real" even if their lives might seem amazeballs: in fashion, there's Audrey of Frassy who talks so openly about her beauty choices (lip enhancers), her love of books over men, her every day struggles. In motherhood and lifestyle, there's Love, Taza. In Fitness, I love following Kelsey Wells and MadlyMish

Valentina D outfit Paris 5 Valentina D outfit Paris 6

dress: Pepe Jeans • top: Uniqlo • coat: Sisley • leather bag: Vintage •
shoes c/o Blowfish • hat: Gallerie LaFayette

Valentina D outfit Paris 7

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November 12, 2017


Protein Banana muffins Val D 1

This morning I really wanted to make banana bread. My last day as a pastry chef at Welcome Bio Bazar was almost two weeks ago. It's difficult to go from baking 10+ cakes almost every day to... nothing. So far I have made two batches of granola, two low-fat protein chocolate "brownie" cakes, and these adorable tiny protein banana muffins.

Protein Banana muffins Val D 2

What's fun now is to experiment with each recipe that I loved making! How can I reduce the sugar & fat in the granola? How can I make the banana bread vegan? How much protein powder can I add to this or that cake? What's a better flour mixture fo this gluten free cake? I won't be adding protein to all recipes though, because I do want to work on perfecting them for my cookbook; and I won't add protein powder to everything in it. 

So this morning I experimented with vegan banana muffins. Why vegan? Am I vegan? NO, I was just out of eggs hahaha ;)

Protein Banana muffins Val D 3

One of my biggest challenges is trying to reduce the amount of sugar I consume. And I don't just mean refined cane sugar. Maple syrup, coconut sugar, molasses, they all count as well. I just wish I didn't crave sweet things all the time! This is why I'm trying to make recipes with a lot less sugar. If you have the same problem as me, you can try reducing the sugar in your recipes little by little. I think the more you do it, the more you get used to the taste. You'll even hear yourself saying "Man, this is too sweet!" when eating other banana breads ;) (However baking is a science, so while you might be able to reduce it by 20% with no problem, once you get to 50%, you might find yourself with a dry cake. Yikes! Look for tips online or come ask me!)

Protein Banana muffins Val D 4

I'll share the recipe with you, although I will warn you: I have only tested this once, and not everything was exact. I think I am extremely lucky as a baker/pastry chef. Even when I made things for the café, I changed recipes almost daily. *slightly* but still! Baking is supposed to be an exact science, how did I get so lucky every single time? Anyway, this was a little experiment and they turned out really well! If you want to give them a try, let me know how they turn out. I used small muffin molds. They are super tiny and cute. 

4 flax eggs
4 bananas
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 to 1/3 cup maple syrup
1/2 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup white flour
1/3 cup chocolate protein powder *
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt

handful nuts
handful cacao nibs

1/2 cup chocolate protein powder*
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup rice milk (more or less as needed)

* I used casein protein powder, but I'm sure vegan should be fine

Preheat the oven to 200 celsius. To make flax seed eggs, pour about 1/4 cup into a nutribullet (or similar) and blend until you get a fine powder. Mix 4 tablespoons of flaxseed powder with 12 tablespoons of water (1/3 ratio). Let it sit for 5 minutes. While you wait, take your nutribullet again and blend bananas, peanut butter, maple syrup and vanilla. Add to flaxseed mix. Mix all dry ingredients and pour in with the banana mixture. Don't over-mix! Add nuts and cacao nibs if you want. I added almonds because it's what I had on hand. I much prefer walnuts though! 

Bake for 13-20 minutes depending on your muffin molds and your oven. Bake at 200 for 6 minutes, and then turn down to 180 for the rest. Stick a knife into a muffin, if it comes out clean, it's time to take the muffins out of the oven! I left mine in for 15 minutes. 

You don't need to add the protein frosting, but if you want to make it, it's really simple: blend all the ingredients! Just add the rice milk in little by little until you get the consistency you like ;)

Protein Banana muffins Val D 5

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November 10, 2017


Simone Valentina

I haven't posted much on the blog in general, and the last time I posted about Simone was in April or so. If you know me, you already know this: Simone passed away on June 25th. I can't go into the details because the pain will come back to me and I will feel it just as I did that morning when I got the call. 

I just want to say... God, I don't even know what I want to say. I thought about her constantly for the first few months. Not an hour went by when I didn't feel her absence. I've pushed the trauma of losing her way back in my brain. But the first few months I had flashbacks that felt like punches to the gut.  Now I think about her every day but I'm able to smile and focus on the good times. There is nothing I can do to bring her back, and I've accepted that. 

She was my everything, my baby girl, my angel. And I took pictures of her ALL the time. Some people probably thought I was too obsessed with her. I was obsessed with her, and I loved her more than life. And some people hate when people take way too many pictures and film everything. They tell them to stop, "enjoy the moment." Sure, I get it. But now she's gone and at least I have over 1200 photos and videos of my baby. I can relive so many moments, and I love it. I love that I have it all. I love keeping vivid memories. I mean, I have over 25 (!) journals, from the age of 8 till now. I love remembering the simple, most mundane moments. And it's the same with photos. I have it all and I'm so grateful. 

It's hard not to talk about Simone. Sometimes I think about her and just want to share my love for her like I used to. This time last year was our first week together. She was teeny tiny. She was so adorable. I would do just about anything to still have her today.

I guess I just want to remind you to cherish your loved ones. I know it sounds corny. But my god, if I had known I would have so little time with her, I would have taken a million more photos. I would have given her so much more chicken. I would have shrugged off more of the peeing incidents (she was a baby!) I would have spent more time focusing on her. I would have told her I loved her a trillion times more.

I love you, Simone! 

November 8, 2017


berthillon 1

There are plenty of ice-cream shops in Paris. Off the top of my head, I can think of Pozzetto, Amorino, Une Glace à Paris, Glazed, Grom, Nitrogenie, Il Gelato del Marchese... They are all around. And in the marais, you'll find Amorino, Pozzetto and Grom all on the same street... Crazy. I don't eat ice-cream that often (I usually prefer frozen yogurt) but when I decide it's time for really good ice-cream, I vote Berthillon. 

berthillon 2 berthillon 3

Yes it's November, but yesterday was a beautiful day so we walked down to l'Ile Saint Louis and had a few scoops each (ok, I had three). It was pretty darn cold but that just means the ice-cream doesn't melt so quickly, right? ;)

berthillon 4

I really don't like saying "This is THE BEST [insert food] in [insert city]" because everyone has different tastes but so far, this is my favorite. I haven't tried all ice-cream parlors, but Berthillon is consistently delicious, comforting, and in a great location. A lot of people recommend this place, and if you're in Paris and in the mood for some ice-cream, go ahead and indulge in a slightly pricier but delicious scoop of Berthillon ice-cream! Flavors I have tried and love: vanilla, cheesecake, coconut, coffee, caramel au beurre salé, pistachio (I haven't tried many others because I always eat what I already know I love!)

berthillon 5 berthillon 6

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November 7, 2017


montmartre 1 valentina duracinsky outfit

It's been a while since I've taken outfit photos for the blog. We took some this summer in Liverpool and Barcelona (which I definitely forgot about and will post sometime in the near future) and even then I felt awkward. I had gotten quite good at feeling normal taking photos for the blog a few years ago, because I posted three to five times a week and it was almost a part-time job. But now, after so much time away, I easily put myself in the position of the stranger watching me, thinking "Wtf is going on there?" And awkward photos are really terrible! But it can be fun, and I shall find that again! I found it while jumping (though I do wait for everyone to walk by so I can have the street to myself first.) Jumping is fun. 

montmartre 4 valentina duracinsky outfit montmartre 2 valentina duracinsky outfit

I spend most of my time around Belleville and the Marais, so going to Montmartre is such a treat (it's really not far away, I'm not sure why I don't just go more often!) Montmartre is always on the tourist to-do list. Of course, the view from Sacré Coeur is beautiful, but it's also the quiet streets, the cute little shops and the buildings that aren't "Haussmannien" (I find those beautiful as well, just in a different way.) 

montmartre 3 valentina duracinsky outfit montmartre 5 valentina duracinsky outfit

We had lunch at Crêperie Brocéliande on rue des Trois Frères (a few doors down from where my high school BF lived! awww, memories haha). It's a small restaurant and it helps to have a reservation, but we put our 20 minute wait to good use, and took these outfit photos! It's finally getting chilly in Paris. It's a nice, crisp cold that you feel to your bones. Ok, sometimes it's nice, other times you want to find the nearest café and hide inside ;) It was very warm in the restaurant. The menu was long, with lots of meat options, but I was able to change the jambon in mine for extra veggies. My galette was delicious! I had mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheese and egg. There are quite a few places for good "crêpes au sarrasin" in Paris, a lot of them near Montparnasse. But if you don't have time to go there, or if you're just in the area of Montmartre, then this is a very good choice. I say this because I have eaten bad galettes, and I can understand someone saying they don't like buckwheat crêpes if they had a truly terrible one. Now excuse me as I get ready to go for a walk and eat some Berthillon ice cream!

montmartre 6 valentina duracinsky outfit montmartre 7 valentina duracinsky outfit
bag: Madewell // sneakers: LeCoq Sportif // jeans: Madewell // necklace c/o Junam // thrifted faux-fur

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November 4, 2017


mary celeste Valentina Duracinsky Le mary Celeste

This is one of the first places I went to because it's owned by the same people who own Candelaria, where I worked briefly a few years ago. The cocktail in the picture above was actually called "Valentina" so OF COURSE I had to get it! And it was amazing. They work really hard on their cocktail menu, and you can tell. If I had to choose a cocktail on their new menu, I'd go for the Springtime Lunch: rhum, crème de cacao, lime, Brooklyn IPA. I can't even imagine what it tastes like! Good, I'm sure ;) Go here if you're in the Marais. 

sherry butt  Valentina Duracinsky sherry butt 2  Valentina Duracinsky Sherry Butt

I went to this cocktail bar a while back with a few friends. Just like Glass (below) this place was incredibly dark! The cocktails were special and delicious. My friend Rozena's boyfriend and his friend really like whiskey so they got a "platter" of five or six different whiskeys. So, there's something for everyone! This place is around Hotel de Ville, so this is for you if you're in the area.

glass  Valentina Duracinsky Glass

This cocktail place is near metro Pigalle. It's tiny and very dark! I went there with friends but I bet it's a good place for a romantic night out as well. Here is their menu. I think it changes every season. If I had to choose one of their cocktails tonight, I'd go for the New York Smash: bourbon, sherry, pumpkin purée, ginger honey, hot pepper, lemon... Doesn't that sound amazing?


I went to Combat with my former housemate just a couple weeks before she left for London... We had a lovely time and the cocktails were really good. upper Belleville doesn't have that many 'fancy' cocktail places, so this is a must if you're in the area.

Little Red Door

This is the only one I haven't been to myself, but I've had two friends recommend it. So, hey if you're in upper Marais, you'll know where to go! 

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November 2, 2017


Macarons vanille 03 - 1  Café Pouchkine

It's been a while since I've had a vanilla macaron that wasn't from Pierre Hermé (my personal favorite) but I do remember enjoying this one from Café Pouchkine. You can tell it's been a while because apparently the store I went to in Place des Vosges closed! But it's ok, I'm only sharing my vanilla macaron experiences in this one, and while this one was good, you'll be fine without it. Pierre Hermé is still number one in my book. 

Macarons vanille 03 - 2 Macarons vanille 03 - 3 Paul

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh deaaar. Where to start... If you've arrived to Paris by train or plane, or live here already, you have definitely seen a Paul bakery at some point. They are in every train station, every airport, every arrondissement. And you know what, their bread and their viennoiseries aren't bad, but STAY AWAY from their macarons! I cannot emphasize this enough. When I tried their macaron, I was so surprised to find out how terrible it was. It did not have the taste or texture of a macaron. The vanilla flavor was fake and lacking. The cream on the inside was hard. The shell was almost soggy. Please don't get a macaron at Paul. You won't get the true macaron experience. 

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October 8, 2017


Minimalist Baker Vegan Pulled Pork Recipe Blog Post

So you're in the mood for something comforting and hearty... Something that makes you feel good – emotionally. But you also want to feel good, physically. Because we all know how eating an entire pizza might not leave feeling so great. What do you do? You eat something delicious of course! Like any of the things on this list. I want them ALL right now. I haven't tried any of them but I really want to! Yum. 

Healthy Comfort Food

  1. Zucchini Breakfast Brownies, right?
  2. This vegan sandwich is on my "to make VERY soon" list
  3. And this vegan beetroot brownie recipe? They look so fudgy aaaah
  4. this looks very easy: crustless veggie quiche
  5. sloppy joes, the vegan way - I've made something kind of like this and it's SO GOOD
  6. A healthier version of sticky buns – can it be!?
  7. ohh fennel & goat's cheese, can't go wrong with this!
  8. when you want a burger but even more delicious
  9. not sure how healthy this lobster & avocado panini is buuuut maybe a little??
  10. healthy cinnamon roll oatmeal

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August 21, 2017


val liverpool 2
how to travel light
Hello lovelies! In this post, I thought I'd dive into fashion a little bit more. Here's a little reminder of what I took with me on our 20 day trip to Liverpool, Barcelona & Mirabeau (French countryside):

4 tops (one black, one black/white, one blue, 
1 skirt
1 pair of light trousers
1 pair of denim shorts
1 dress
1 light windbreaker
1 denim jacket
1 light scarf
2 bras
3 pairs of socks
4 underwear
1 one-piece swimsuit + 1 bikini top (for tanning)
set of pjs
3 shoes: pink sneakers, black Birkenstock sandals & thin dark brown leather sandals

+ 1 gym top, sports bra and gym shorts. 

It was hard packing for Liverpool as well. The weather was definitely not as warm and I was chilly on more than one occasion. I'm glad I took the denim jacket! I used it every day there, and only twice since we left, and only in the evening. I think it shows that even when you're going somewhere warm, it's a good idea to take something to cover up with in case it's cold. 

The sneakers were a great idea for the cold weather as well as all the walking, hiking and cycling we've done in the countryside. And for working out, obviously! The Birkenstock sandals (even though some people think they are ugly) are a godsend and I'm so happy I own a pair. 
how to travel light
val liverpool 1 val liverpool 3 val liverpool 4
necklace c/o Junam  top unknown  skirt: ASOS  sneakers: Le Coq Sportif  scarf: vintage
how to travel light
  1. a trick to traveling light is to try on all your outfits, and see if you can wear most tops with most bottoms. I really love how versatile this skirt is! I'm super happy with it. When I was trying out my outfits, it looked great with 3 out of the 4 tops. And the top looked good with the shorts and the pants... so it was a yes for both!
  2. create a color scheme. This can make things easier when choosing your clothes to take with you. I chose blue, white & black. 
  3. going off of that: limit patterns. they might not be easy to mix and match with. Solid colors are your friend.
  4. light packing means less, sure. But this doesn't mean it has to be boring and repetitive! Bring a few necklaces or scarves to change things up. Find your creativity in different ways since it is inevitable you will wear outfits more than two or three times depending on how long the trip is. 
  5. Take your favorite items! If you take things you don't really love, you're not going to enjoy wearing them. It's pretty simple... 
  6. if you need something fancy (or think you might), take ONE item and try to make it a lightweight one. I took a dress that I wore to a get-together bday party and that's it. It's fine, it's so lightweight!
  7. take quick drying items if you can. I can a pair of quick drying underwear, all the sports stuff, a windbreaker and a towel. 
  8. get in the right mindset. See it as a challenge if you have to. It can be fun! 
  9. take comfortable shoes! if you're taking sneakers, either wear them or back things inside each one. 
  10. wear any bulky things on the plane if you're only taking one carry-on bag. 

how to travel light
val liverpool 5
how to travel light how to travel light how to travel light how to travel light
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how to travel light how to travel light how to travel light

July 31, 2017



Hey beautiful souls! Today  I thought I'd come back to share my packing list for my next holiday. Peter and I will be going to Liverpool, Barcelona and the south of France for about 20-25 days. I'm only taking my new 22L Patagonia bag (this colorisn't it beautiful!?) and my Madewell leather handbag (this one - oh how I looove it).

I've been slowly reducing my belongings over the years. I try to only buy things I need, and if it's clothes then I reeeeeeally have to love the item. I've started online clothes shopping almost exclusively which is a great way to try things on with all the clothes you already own to see how many outfits you can get out of each new item. I ordered 9 things the other day and returned 5. I kept a pair of black high waisted denim shorts, a lightweight grey and white crop top, a set of pjs, an a white skirt with vertical black lines. And I am taking all four items on our trip. 

First things first...

how do you travel like a minimalist? 

Well, I'm sure there is no ONE way. Each person is different. It depends. 
I think it takes a bit of prep if you're not used to it. I used to travel with SO much. It has taken YEARS to learn from my packing mistakes. There are a few things you should have in mind while packing: 

  • you should be able to carry your own luggage. If you can't, you've packed too much. 
  • you will have to do laundry. Don't bring a pair of underwear for each day of the week. Just start washing them in the evening; you'll get into the rhythm pretty quickly and voilà, you can take 4 pairs of underwear for 3 weeks of travel. 
  • pretend you're only packing for ONE week...
  • plan outfits in advance. Think versatility. While I was packing, I made sure to take tops that go well with the shorts, the pants and the skirt I'm taking.
  • don't take too many "just in case" items. You don't need a second toothbrush or a million different creams.
  • don't pack multiples.
  • think essential. What do you really need
  • be organized. I recommend packing cubes. they are life-changing! (see in post)
I have decided to take a couple more things than I thought I would. Instead of taking three tops, I'm taking four. I have room for one more lightweight top, and it means I get one more outfit during my trip. Find your own balance because maybe you don't feel comfortable taking three pairs of underwear and washing a pair each night...

Why travel like a minimalist? 

You might ask yourself why you would do this. Who wants to spend their evenings doing laundry!? I get it. You're not though. Even at home, I've gotten into the habit of taking whatever underwear I'm wearing into the shower and washing them then. I've started washing sports bras and tops during the shower after the gym. It takes 1 minute in the shower. It would take one minute doing it at the sink right before bed. So back to the question: why?

  • to travel faster and easier. No waiting at the airport for checked luggage. You can even do a bit of wandering around a city with a backpack before a check-in. 
  • to feel light. It's so nice not to have so much stuff with you that you dread moving around with them. Your stuff is literally weighing you down.
  • to spend less time going through your stuff trying to find things!

Obviously if you're a fashion blogger, maybe it wouldn't be ideal. I've been with fashion bloggers. My friend came from Barcelona to Paris for one week and had sooooo many outfits to shoot, her suitcase was stuffed like you wouldn't believe. 


I have had a loooot of practice with this one. Every time I've traveled, I've learned that I need less and less. I think I used to just try to pack a different outfit for each day or something. Honestly, I don't even know. There were always things I didn't wear at all. But I've learned along the way that I can just hand-wash a bunch of things each night and I'll be fine with very very little. Without really thinking about it, I picked a color palette for my clothes. I'm taking blue, black and white. It's just easier to make several outfits using all the clothes if they all match each other.

I've read many "Minimalist traveling" type articles and I often see hiking/backpacking clothes. Special super-fast-drying clothes, very sporty. I didn't want to do that. I am taking quite a few things that dry fast but they're still fashionable. I didn't want the backpacker/traveler look. I want to dress like I normally dress. 

4 tops
1 skirt
1 pair of light trousers
1 pair of denim shorts
1 dress or jumpsuit - I'm taking a very thin lightweight dress. 
1 light windbreaker
1 denim jacket
1 light scarf
2 bras
3 pairs of socks
4 underwear
1 one-piece swimsuit + 1 bikini top (for tanning)
set of pjs
3 shoes: pink sneakers, black Birkenstock sandals & thin dark brown leather sandals

+ 1 gym top and gym shorts. I do want to workout so I'll be taking these, but they are an extra.

* I am counting what I'm wearing in here. So I'll be wearing underwear/bra/socks & a top, the trousers, the denim jacket, and the sneakers.


Women and men take a few different things. This will reflect a woman's toiletry kit. Peter's toiletries bag is basically a toothbrush and deodorant. He wants to just buy face cream there and all. I put in two mini bottles of sunscreen because he had the space and we have so much sunscreen here that we need to finish. I wrote about beauty essentials to take while traveling here.

Deodorant – I make my own out of baking soda, coco oil & essential oils.
Facial moisturizer
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Floss – a must in my book
Tampons – obviously men don't take this
tea tree oil – so many uses: treat acne, as hand sanitizer, to fight fungus, clean minor cuts, repel insects, fight bad breath, in deodorant, ease bug bites, in mouthwash, as a toothbrush cleaner, fight food odor...
oil absorbing sheets – these are great, especially in the summer when you sweat.
pain killers
hydrocortisone cream
mini mirror
a few Q-tips 
make-up removal wipes
dry shampoo – I'm taking homemade. It's cocoa powder and mainly cornstarch. It works!

extras you might want: body wash, sunscreen, face wash, soap, body lotion, hair spray, pack towel

*Coconut oil is a really good moisturizer. It also has multiple uses which you might want as well instead of having many little bottles. It can be used as a body lotion, face lotion (I can't because my face would break out), in deodorant, as makeup remover, in toothpaste, as conditioner or hair mask, etc.


This is where it's easy to be a minimalist for me. One or two lipsticks for variety and then just the same I usually do. I've never been too into make up.

lipstick – luckily I have these tiiiiny samples so I'm taking 4 or 5 with a lip brush. 
liquid eyeliner – same as always, black.
silver glittery eyeshadow pencil
mini perfume


Patagonia 22L Toromino backpack – it's so pretty!
Madewell medium sized handbag – I'm taking this one
mini Colombian purse – for a quick night out or something.
tote bag – for grocery shopping or other
reusable cloth bags – if we guys things in bulk
3 packing cubes – the most useful things eeeever! I recommend packing cubes (these are mine) to anyone who wants to travel and stay organized. 


And for the random things with no specific category or that I just thought of...

notebook & pen
watercolor & moleskin – best brand ever
reusable water bottle
protein powder
energy bars
iphone + iphone charger
3 bracelets
sleeping mask

And that's my list! This is a summer travel list. Winter would call for different clothes. I think I'd struggle to get it all into a 22L. I could go even MORE minimalist but I'd say this is still pretty good for 3 weeks of traveling. Any questions or suggestions are welcome :) Thanks for reading.


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February 4, 2017


art making

Painting, even though I don't seem to find that much time for it these days


purple kale!

kombucha karma paris

kombucha - love this stuff (not just this brand, but their ginger one is reaaally good)

raw vegan not gross

Laura Miller is one those people  I know little about but I would love to meet.. I love what she wrote about her dog in her book, and about social anxiety, and how truthful and open she is. She's herself and she's trying to give people some nice recipes that she makes to make herself feel better, in the hopes that they might help others too. 

caesar salad

homemade caesar salad with smoked salmon. the best


a thousand layers for winter

sushi boat

that time my dad and I shared a sushi boat!!! so cool

welcome bio bazar

anything copper, I love. This is at Welcome Bio Bazar and I see it every day and I want it every day haha


was talking to a friend about the cholados we made at my mom's wedding. Even though it's cold outside, I've been wanting one!? especially one with extra vodka ;)

granola bars

making some extra delicious granola bars at work these days!

ethiopian dinner

that time we got ethiopian food... it's so delicious!

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