January 27, 2017


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Helena Adentro

Back in October 2015, I surprised my mom with a visit to Colombia for her birthday. I stayed the whole month! My friend Kady came for two weeks as well, and we traveled a bit to show her some other parts of our beautiful country. We went to the Quindio and learned how coffee goes from plant to your cup. Not too far from where we were staying was a charming little town called Filandia, and there was the most random amazing restaurant. 

It just looked completely out of place, because the town was so small and traditional and empty, and the restaurant was big, lively, artistic and so so good. 

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There was cool art and weird things everywhere and on every wall. If anything, you couldn't get bored of this place! There was always something to look at. 

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The people there were so nice and the food and drinks were excellent. They had an outside area that was for parties which looked amazing. We went twice and it was so worth it. I realize not many people live near Filandia, in the Quindio, so it's a bit of a random review but Colombia is the most wonderful place on earth, and if you decide to go there, then, hey, why not come here? 

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