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January 26, 2017




This past November my housemates told me I should get a puppy. For some reason, I decided to look online. This actually isn't that strange because I've looked at websites for adoption in the past "just for fun" and this didn't feel that different. I even looked on Facebook of all places. But what would you know, I came upon a photo of three adorable puppies with a caption that said "paris region" and included a phone number. What the hell, I thought. I messaged him that night, sure that the puppies would be adopted by then or that it was a fake (oh yes, I messaged two other people who turned out to be scammers, the world is creepy) but I got a message not an hour later with info on the puppies and photos of each one. We exchanged messages and set a time the next day to go meet the pups. However he was also traveling a bit so he wanted to make sure I would actually leave with one. I got cold feet that first day and asked for a few more days to think about it. We met on Sunday. That Sunday I got a puppy. 

simone 1 simone 2 simone 3 simone 4

Her name is Simone. We thought of that name on the train ride back home, I didn't go there with any ideas in mind. She is a wonderful, beautiful, kind, playful, smart puppy. She is also a ton of work. Especially the first few months. She peed everywhere. Unfortunately she still has an accident here and there (she's five months old now) and when it happens I get quite angry but it's not her fault, she is still learning. She has learned so much already!!! You can check my Instagram to see some of the videos of her. She's amazing. 

simone 5 simone 6 simone 7

This baby girl is the best. She's the highlight of my year (LIFE?!)


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