February 4, 2017


art making

Painting, even though I don't seem to find that much time for it these days


purple kale!

kombucha karma paris

kombucha - love this stuff (not just this brand, but their ginger one is reaaally good)

raw vegan not gross

Laura Miller is one those people  I know little about but I would love to meet.. I love what she wrote about her dog in her book, and about social anxiety, and how truthful and open she is. She's herself and she's trying to give people some nice recipes that she makes to make herself feel better, in the hopes that they might help others too. 

caesar salad

homemade caesar salad with smoked salmon. the best


a thousand layers for winter

sushi boat

that time my dad and I shared a sushi boat!!! so cool

welcome bio bazar

anything copper, I love. This is at Welcome Bio Bazar and I see it every day and I want it every day haha


was talking to a friend about the cholados we made at my mom's wedding. Even though it's cold outside, I've been wanting one!? especially one with extra vodka ;)

granola bars

making some extra delicious granola bars at work these days!

ethiopian dinner

that time we got ethiopian food... it's so delicious!

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