July 31, 2017



Hey beautiful souls! Today  I thought I'd come back to share my packing list for my next holiday. Peter and I will be going to Liverpool, Barcelona and the south of France for about 20-25 days. I'm only taking my new 22L Patagonia bag (this colorisn't it beautiful!?) and my Madewell leather handbag (this one - oh how I looove it).

I've been slowly reducing my belongings over the years. I try to only buy things I need, and if it's clothes then I reeeeeeally have to love the item. I've started online clothes shopping almost exclusively which is a great way to try things on with all the clothes you already own to see how many outfits you can get out of each new item. I ordered 9 things the other day and returned 5. I kept a pair of black high waisted denim shorts, a lightweight grey and white crop top, a set of pjs, an a white skirt with vertical black lines. And I am taking all four items on our trip. 

First things first...

how do you travel like a minimalist? 

Well, I'm sure there is no ONE way. Each person is different. It depends. 
I think it takes a bit of prep if you're not used to it. I used to travel with SO much. It has taken YEARS to learn from my packing mistakes. There are a few things you should have in mind while packing: 

  • you should be able to carry your own luggage. If you can't, you've packed too much. 
  • you will have to do laundry. Don't bring a pair of underwear for each day of the week. Just start washing them in the evening; you'll get into the rhythm pretty quickly and voilĂ , you can take 4 pairs of underwear for 3 weeks of travel. 
  • pretend you're only packing for ONE week...
  • plan outfits in advance. Think versatility. While I was packing, I made sure to take tops that go well with the shorts, the pants and the skirt I'm taking.
  • don't take too many "just in case" items. You don't need a second toothbrush or a million different creams.
  • don't pack multiples.
  • think essential. What do you really need
  • be organized. I recommend packing cubes. they are life-changing! (see in post)
I have decided to take a couple more things than I thought I would. Instead of taking three tops, I'm taking four. I have room for one more lightweight top, and it means I get one more outfit during my trip. Find your own balance because maybe you don't feel comfortable taking three pairs of underwear and washing a pair each night...

Why travel like a minimalist? 

You might ask yourself why you would do this. Who wants to spend their evenings doing laundry!? I get it. You're not though. Even at home, I've gotten into the habit of taking whatever underwear I'm wearing into the shower and washing them then. I've started washing sports bras and tops during the shower after the gym. It takes 1 minute in the shower. It would take one minute doing it at the sink right before bed. So back to the question: why?

  • to travel faster and easier. No waiting at the airport for checked luggage. You can even do a bit of wandering around a city with a backpack before a check-in. 
  • to feel light. It's so nice not to have so much stuff with you that you dread moving around with them. Your stuff is literally weighing you down.
  • to spend less time going through your stuff trying to find things!

Obviously if you're a fashion blogger, maybe it wouldn't be ideal. I've been with fashion bloggers. My friend came from Barcelona to Paris for one week and had sooooo many outfits to shoot, her suitcase was stuffed like you wouldn't believe. 


I have had a loooot of practice with this one. Every time I've traveled, I've learned that I need less and less. I think I used to just try to pack a different outfit for each day or something. Honestly, I don't even know. There were always things I didn't wear at all. But I've learned along the way that I can just hand-wash a bunch of things each night and I'll be fine with very very little. Without really thinking about it, I picked a color palette for my clothes. I'm taking blue, black and white. It's just easier to make several outfits using all the clothes if they all match each other.

I've read many "Minimalist traveling" type articles and I often see hiking/backpacking clothes. Special super-fast-drying clothes, very sporty. I didn't want to do that. I am taking quite a few things that dry fast but they're still fashionable. I didn't want the backpacker/traveler look. I want to dress like I normally dress. 

4 tops
1 skirt
1 pair of light trousers
1 pair of denim shorts
1 dress or jumpsuit - I'm taking a very thin lightweight dress. 
1 light windbreaker
1 denim jacket
1 light scarf
2 bras
3 pairs of socks
4 underwear
1 one-piece swimsuit + 1 bikini top (for tanning)
set of pjs
3 shoes: pink sneakers, black Birkenstock sandals & thin dark brown leather sandals

+ 1 gym top and gym shorts. I do want to workout so I'll be taking these, but they are an extra.

* I am counting what I'm wearing in here. So I'll be wearing underwear/bra/socks & a top, the trousers, the denim jacket, and the sneakers.


Women and men take a few different things. This will reflect a woman's toiletry kit. Peter's toiletries bag is basically a toothbrush and deodorant. He wants to just buy face cream there and all. I put in two mini bottles of sunscreen because he had the space and we have so much sunscreen here that we need to finish. I wrote about beauty essentials to take while traveling here.

Deodorant – I make my own out of baking soda, coco oil & essential oils.
Facial moisturizer
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Floss – a must in my book
Tampons – obviously men don't take this
tea tree oil – so many uses: treat acne, as hand sanitizer, to fight fungus, clean minor cuts, repel insects, fight bad breath, in deodorant, ease bug bites, in mouthwash, as a toothbrush cleaner, fight food odor...
oil absorbing sheets – these are great, especially in the summer when you sweat.
pain killers
hydrocortisone cream
mini mirror
a few Q-tips 
make-up removal wipes
dry shampoo – I'm taking homemade. It's cocoa powder and mainly cornstarch. It works!

extras you might want: body wash, sunscreen, face wash, soap, body lotion, hair spray, pack towel

*Coconut oil is a really good moisturizer. It also has multiple uses which you might want as well instead of having many little bottles. It can be used as a body lotion, face lotion (I can't because my face would break out), in deodorant, as makeup remover, in toothpaste, as conditioner or hair mask, etc.


This is where it's easy to be a minimalist for me. One or two lipsticks for variety and then just the same I usually do. I've never been too into make up.

lipstick – luckily I have these tiiiiny samples so I'm taking 4 or 5 with a lip brush. 
liquid eyeliner – same as always, black.
silver glittery eyeshadow pencil
mini perfume


Patagonia 22L Toromino backpack – it's so pretty!
Madewell medium sized handbag – I'm taking this one
mini Colombian purse – for a quick night out or something.
tote bag – for grocery shopping or other
reusable cloth bags – if we guys things in bulk
3 packing cubes – the most useful things eeeever! I recommend packing cubes (these are mine) to anyone who wants to travel and stay organized. 


And for the random things with no specific category or that I just thought of...

notebook & pen
watercolor & moleskin – best brand ever
reusable water bottle
protein powder
energy bars
iphone + iphone charger
3 bracelets
sleeping mask

And that's my list! This is a summer travel list. Winter would call for different clothes. I think I'd struggle to get it all into a 22L. I could go even MORE minimalist but I'd say this is still pretty good for 3 weeks of traveling. Any questions or suggestions are welcome :) Thanks for reading.


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