August 21, 2017


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how to travel light
Hello lovelies! In this post, I thought I'd dive into fashion a little bit more. Here's a little reminder of what I took with me on our 20 day trip to Liverpool, Barcelona & Mirabeau (French countryside):

4 tops (one black, one black/white, one blue, 
1 skirt
1 pair of light trousers
1 pair of denim shorts
1 dress
1 light windbreaker
1 denim jacket
1 light scarf
2 bras
3 pairs of socks
4 underwear
1 one-piece swimsuit + 1 bikini top (for tanning)
set of pjs
3 shoes: pink sneakers, black Birkenstock sandals & thin dark brown leather sandals

+ 1 gym top, sports bra and gym shorts. 

It was hard packing for Liverpool as well. The weather was definitely not as warm and I was chilly on more than one occasion. I'm glad I took the denim jacket! I used it every day there, and only twice since we left, and only in the evening. I think it shows that even when you're going somewhere warm, it's a good idea to take something to cover up with in case it's cold. 

The sneakers were a great idea for the cold weather as well as all the walking, hiking and cycling we've done in the countryside. And for working out, obviously! The Birkenstock sandals (even though some people think they are ugly) are a godsend and I'm so happy I own a pair. 
how to travel light
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necklace c/o Junam  top unknown  skirt: ASOS  sneakers: Le Coq Sportif  scarf: vintage
how to travel light
  1. a trick to traveling light is to try on all your outfits, and see if you can wear most tops with most bottoms. I really love how versatile this skirt is! I'm super happy with it. When I was trying out my outfits, it looked great with 3 out of the 4 tops. And the top looked good with the shorts and the pants... so it was a yes for both!
  2. create a color scheme. This can make things easier when choosing your clothes to take with you. I chose blue, white & black. 
  3. going off of that: limit patterns. they might not be easy to mix and match with. Solid colors are your friend.
  4. light packing means less, sure. But this doesn't mean it has to be boring and repetitive! Bring a few necklaces or scarves to change things up. Find your creativity in different ways since it is inevitable you will wear outfits more than two or three times depending on how long the trip is. 
  5. Take your favorite items! If you take things you don't really love, you're not going to enjoy wearing them. It's pretty simple... 
  6. if you need something fancy (or think you might), take ONE item and try to make it a lightweight one. I took a dress that I wore to a get-together bday party and that's it. It's fine, it's so lightweight!
  7. take quick drying items if you can. I can a pair of quick drying underwear, all the sports stuff, a windbreaker and a towel. 
  8. get in the right mindset. See it as a challenge if you have to. It can be fun! 
  9. take comfortable shoes! if you're taking sneakers, either wear them or back things inside each one. 
  10. wear any bulky things on the plane if you're only taking one carry-on bag. 

how to travel light
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how to travel light how to travel light how to travel light how to travel light
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how to travel light how to travel light how to travel light

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