MACARONS VANILLE // 03 | Valentina Duracinsky: MACARONS VANILLE // 03

November 2, 2017


Macarons vanille 03 - 1  Café Pouchkine

It's been a while since I've had a vanilla macaron that wasn't from Pierre Hermé (my personal favorite) but I do remember enjoying this one from Café Pouchkine. You can tell it's been a while because apparently the store I went to in Place des Vosges closed! But it's ok, I'm only sharing my vanilla macaron experiences in this one, and while this one was good, you'll be fine without it. Pierre Hermé is still number one in my book. 

Macarons vanille 03 - 2 Macarons vanille 03 - 3 Paul

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh deaaar. Where to start... If you've arrived to Paris by train or plane, or live here already, you have definitely seen a Paul bakery at some point. They are in every train station, every airport, every arrondissement. And you know what, their bread and their viennoiseries aren't bad, but STAY AWAY from their macarons! I cannot emphasize this enough. When I tried their macaron, I was so surprised to find out how terrible it was. It did not have the taste or texture of a macaron. The vanilla flavor was fake and lacking. The cream on the inside was hard. The shell was almost soggy. Please don't get a macaron at Paul. You won't get the true macaron experience. 

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