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November 7, 2017


montmartre 1 valentina duracinsky outfit

It's been a while since I've taken outfit photos for the blog. We took some this summer in Liverpool and Barcelona (which I definitely forgot about and will post sometime in the near future) and even then I felt awkward. I had gotten quite good at feeling normal taking photos for the blog a few years ago, because I posted three to five times a week and it was almost a part-time job. But now, after so much time away, I easily put myself in the position of the stranger watching me, thinking "Wtf is going on there?" And awkward photos are really terrible! But it can be fun, and I shall find that again! I found it while jumping (though I do wait for everyone to walk by so I can have the street to myself first.) Jumping is fun. 

montmartre 4 valentina duracinsky outfit montmartre 2 valentina duracinsky outfit

I spend most of my time around Belleville and the Marais, so going to Montmartre is such a treat (it's really not far away, I'm not sure why I don't just go more often!) Montmartre is always on the tourist to-do list. Of course, the view from Sacré Coeur is beautiful, but it's also the quiet streets, the cute little shops and the buildings that aren't "Haussmannien" (I find those beautiful as well, just in a different way.) 

montmartre 3 valentina duracinsky outfit montmartre 5 valentina duracinsky outfit

We had lunch at Crêperie Brocéliande on rue des Trois Frères (a few doors down from where my high school BF lived! awww, memories haha). It's a small restaurant and it helps to have a reservation, but we put our 20 minute wait to good use, and took these outfit photos! It's finally getting chilly in Paris. It's a nice, crisp cold that you feel to your bones. Ok, sometimes it's nice, other times you want to find the nearest café and hide inside ;) It was very warm in the restaurant. The menu was long, with lots of meat options, but I was able to change the jambon in mine for extra veggies. My galette was delicious! I had mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheese and egg. There are quite a few places for good "crêpes au sarrasin" in Paris, a lot of them near Montparnasse. But if you don't have time to go there, or if you're just in the area of Montmartre, then this is a very good choice. I say this because I have eaten bad galettes, and I can understand someone saying they don't like buckwheat crêpes if they had a truly terrible one. Now excuse me as I get ready to go for a walk and eat some Berthillon ice cream!

montmartre 6 valentina duracinsky outfit montmartre 7 valentina duracinsky outfit
bag: Madewell // sneakers: LeCoq Sportif // jeans: Madewell // necklace c/o Junam // thrifted faux-fur

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