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November 17, 2017


Valentina D outfit Paris 2

I haven't been dressing up at all this year (or last year). It's due to many things: I go to the gym a lot and I really do love wearing comfortable gym clothes (I could wear these all the time), until recently I was working as a pastry chef, so my days were basically 1/2 in my uniform, 1/3 in gym clothes, and then "it's already late afternoon, why bother dirtying nice clothes? loungewear for the win!" and lastly (and hardest to explain) I have put on 5kg since 2013. I know it seems like ages ago, but for years I wanted to go back to being that thin. Wearing clothes that used to be loose and now are tight... it's hard. Even though my mentality has changed, and I actually want to be strong and have muscle, I still put on jeans and think "this is not how they used to fit" and a part of my brain says "FAT!!" and I STILL have to work to quiet down that voice, and remind myself that I am strong, that I love food, and that being skinny was actually pretty miserable. 

Valentina D outfit Paris 1

Slowly I will work on a whole new wardrobe. Some clothes are just not me anymore, and some might never let me forget how it felt to be skinny. I have been obsessed with Naomi's blog Love, Taza recently and she dresses SO well. How does a mother of three kids under 10 years of age dress so well!? I don't shop as much as I did five years ago. But I'm collecting inspiration from Naomi and others whose style I like, and slowly finding key pieces for a wardrobe that I will actually love. The new me. The me I accept. The me that is finally comfortable and confident. It's a lot of pressure to put on clothes. I'll also remind myself that clothes are just clothes ;)

Valentina D outfit Paris 3 Valentina D outfit Paris 4

I say all this to be honest. I've unfollowed accounts that I think are too impersonal, too "perfect", too fake. I like real, I like honest. I love these photos, and this seems like a pretty normal outfit, but I rarely wear dresses these days! It might be silly, but I want to start dressing up a bit more. This isn't my every day. And everyone who you follow on Instagram or Facebook or whatever, they usually show you their life when they are at their best.

If you want to follow some people I admire for staying "real" even if their lives might seem amazeballs: in fashion, there's Audrey of Frassy who talks so openly about her beauty choices (lip enhancers), her love of books over men, her every day struggles. In motherhood and lifestyle, there's Love, Taza. In Fitness, I love following Kelsey Wells and MadlyMish

Valentina D outfit Paris 5 Valentina D outfit Paris 6

dress: Pepe Jeans • top: Uniqlo • coat: Sisley • leather bag: Vintage •
shoes c/o Blowfish • hat: Gallerie LaFayette

Valentina D outfit Paris 7

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