Heya! my name is Valentina Duracinsky. I'm a musician in my early twenties living in Paris. I graduated from Smith College with a degree in psychology and education last year and now I spend my time working, writing songs and traveling. I am constantly planning my next trip! I wish I could spend more time in Dublin than I do. I go to Colombia at least once a year to visit my mom and the family. I have friends all over Europe and the States and I try to visit whenever possible. I love sharing my adventures on the blog and writing about everything that excites me: music, good food, art...

My blog isn't about one thing alone. Like my mind, it is a little scattered. You'll find many pictures of the places I visit, as well as some posts on fashion, food (because it's a torture we all love), links to things I enjoy reading of the web-world. My main goal is to always be honest with you and stay true to myself. Once I realized that minimalism was the way for me, I started posting less about fashion and accepting less sponsored clothes. I don't want any of you to think I'm pushing mindless consumerism. I'd rather give some insight on my joys and struggles with minimalism. Still, I enjoy having some fun with clothes, so 'ootd' type posts haven't disappeared completely. So... Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures!


I love Thom Yorke. Thom Yorke, if you're out there, let's make an album together. Ok thanks.

I started drinking coffee when I was 13. This was also the time I started Gilmore Girls. Coincidence?

I love eating lemons with salt.

My mom is from Colombia; my dad is from the States.

I draw and do watercolors and linocuts. I love it!

I like to think my music is somewhere between Nick Drake and St Vincent.

I was vegan. For a week. (update: Now I'm a pescatarian.)

I lived in Spain from the age of 7 to 10. In Pamplona to be exact. With Hemingway.

I could live on seafood alone! Octopus is my favorite! (update: and now I am)

I greatly dislike running. Though I try. God, I TRY.

I so want to be a minimalist, but it's hard, and I'm still working at it.

I once traveled to Naples just for the pizza.

I hate sharks.


How do you pronounce your last name? 
Sigh... I know, I know. Ok, here we go: DUR-AH-ZIN-SKI

Where do you live?
à Paris!

Why do you blog?
I started blogging a little over three years ago because it looked fun... It still is.

Do you get nervous talking about your life so much on the internet? 
Yes, I do. 

What camera do you use?
I currently own a cute little Canon T1i and use the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens (I need to upgrade but I ain't got money yo)

What kind of musician are you? 
What a difficult question to answer. As in, what genre? No idea. I'm inspired by loads of musicians (many featured in my recommendations sidebar) and love to experiment with different instruments and sounds... When it's just me and my guitar, it's pretty "folk-y" but I think adding other instruments will change things a bit.

Are you still in college?
I just graduated in December 2014! I was a "J-term" grad at Smith College. Now I'm back living in Paris, France...

Do you have any music out somewhere?
I don't have an album out yet, no... I'm working on it! For now, I recommend these two videos: Fisherman / The Moon (played at The Ruby Sessions). I also have a demo of Billy up on SoundCloud.

What languages do you speak? and at what level?
I speak, write and read English, French and Spanish fluently... My dad and I go to Italy once a year, and every year I learn a bit more Italian – I can understand most things but can only say a few words. One day!

What is your real hair color? and your eyes? How tall are you? 
My hair is naturally dark brown, not red. My eyes are also dark brown. I am 5"2!

What's your ethnicity? and why have you moved on to so many countries? can you make a list of them? :) thank you!!
Certainly. I was born in Davis, California then moved to Pamplona, Spain at the ripe age of seven, then to Paris, France at the age of ten. Now I'm at college in Massachusetts. After college I plan on going to Ireland. 
My dad was born in the US, but our ancestors are german, slovak, french and italian. My mom is Colombian and has spanish (basque) ancestors, which is why I am so pale. 

What is "c/o"?
it means "courtesy of". I'm lucky enough to work with brands that send me things to review and wear. I have so much love for the brands I work with!

Can I sponsor your blog? Do you accept ad swaps?
Yes, you can. Read here. And, yes, occasionally I will accept ad swaps.


Feel free to use my images as long as there’s a clear link back to my blog.
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