On this page you will find two things: information on my pastry tour of Paris, and a long list of places in Paris which I think are great. Little cafés for brunch or an afternoon allongé, restaurants for a good meal, street food for when you don't want to be bothered to sit down, cocktails for those evenings where you do need a good cocktail, and of course, pastries and sweets (who needs a reason?). Some link back to my reviews of these places, and some link to their website. If they are on this list, it is because I recommend them. Feel free to contact me if you want to know what I like on the menu or need any more information. I am always happy to help. 


I have lived in Paris for over twelve – TWELVE! – years now. There are only a few arrondissements I don't know like the back on my hand. I started my pastry education with Ladurée (as most do). I must have been ten. Then my mom introduced me to Pierre Hermé. I was hesitant because of all the strange flavors. Twelve years have past and I love Pierre Hermé more than anything. My love for French pastries grew, and I started a series on my blog called "Dégustation de Patisseries" in which I taste and review different pastries from different shops. Through that, I have grown to know where many, many pastry shops are located in Paris. I have grown to know what to try, and what is special about each shop. 

I have taken quite a few people on pastry tours and they have all left with their stomachs full and smiles on their faces! If you are coming to Paris for a few days or weeks or what have you, and would like to visit some patisseries one morning or afternoon, feel free to contact me for availabilities and rates! You can email me here: with subject line "Pastry Tour". 




L'éclair de génie
Pierre Hermé
Pain de Sucre
Profitérole Chérie
Sadaharu Aoki


La Tropicale


Q & A 

What part is a good place to get an airbnb? We like off the beaten path and are quirky, young city people. 
Oh man, I don't reaaaally know because I've never had to book any places in Paris but I would say someplace near any of these métro stations: Odéon, Mabillon, Hotel de Ville, Rambuteau, Blanche, Pigalle, Anvers. Those are all either in the 10th, in the 3rd or the 18th which are my favorite areas to walk around. Not near the Eiffel Tower – not quirky or young around there. the 3rd is very hip!

This is a list that will only keep getting longer! 



Nicole said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm headed to Paris in two weeks....what part is a good place to get an airbnb? We like off the beaten path and are quirky, young city people (from San Francisco). Love the blog btw. Cheers-Nicole

Hayley Larue said...

Ok, I'm so glad I came across your blog, because I am DYING to go to Paris, and of times I think about the day that I'll go, I always freak out because I would have no idea where to even begin. Then I saw this "Guide to Paris" section of your blog, and I clearly clicked it right away. lol. I'm totally going to use this when I go! <3


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