Sponsor the Blog

I love having a blog but it is hard to be a musician and a blogger. My blog has grown quickly and I know it will continue to grow. If you wish to be part of my corner of the world, that would be great!

The blog is visited between 6000 and 10000 times a month. 

I really enjoy working with businesses. I have been included in Jigsaw London's Pieces of the Puzzle program, been featured on ModCloth's blog, and work closely with many small and large businesses, such as these amazing companies: Blowfish Shoes, Lodinatt, Oasap, Chandler the Robot, Shlomit Ofir, Junam, Deuce, BB Dakota, Tulle, Pepa Loves, Lisa Leonard Designs... 

Freelance Writing & Translating

I do a lot of restaurant reviews, travel a lot, and have much to say about life in Paris. I speak fluent English, Spanish and French. If you'd like to hire me to write for your website, magazine or journal, or to translate anything, do let me know! I do love these opportunities. 

Contact Me

Any general inquiries can be sent to valentina.duracinsky@gmail.com 
If you want me to review a product, to send send me your products out of pure friendliness or to sponsor my blog, send your submissions to the email above as well and I will happily respond. If you're interested in my music, photography or (gasp) modeling, please contact me. You can also tweet or follow me on facebook (music). I love doing this, and I hope you enjoy reading the blog... Cheers! Vx
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